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As an Americans Write member, you can have the confidence and pride that comes with being engaged in the legislative process, that your informed voice is being heard, and that you are sharing your wisdom and experience with those who guide our governement.

Listed below are the Member's Only links within the Americans Write website. These areas are designed to help you become an informed American with an effective voice to your elected officials. When you speak out, you are not only helping your family and your business, you are upholding the vision of our Founding Fathers.

We're here to keep you up-to-date on legislation that is important to you. Just click on a title below to be taken directly to that specific area.

Gov't Access This page provides contact information on your federal and state elected officials. From the White House to your Senator's office and from the Governor to your legislature, their contact information is listed. Also, there are links to both the National and the State of Michigan websites - and from there you will be able to access most governement agency websites.

Action Alert A list of the current issues we are following is on this page. You will be given concise information about the issue and a format to express your informed opinion.

Research Look up an issue that you have a particular interest in, see its status, who is sponsoring it, and a description of the issue.

Members Admin Use this page to change or correct information about you or your company such as new address, new e-mail address or phone number. Also, you can change or add a person to your membership.

Contact Us Use this page to contact us if you have a question about your government or if you wish to make a suggestion or comment. You will have an answer within 48 hours.

"The power, under the Constitution, will always be with the people."
George Washington

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